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Walter Price Blog
Walter Price Blog
Sunday, August 17 2014

Backyard retreat

There's something about gathering around a fire that is instantly relaxing. It's like a more social version of watching TV -- everyone circled around, sipping wine, staring into the flames and swapping stories.

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is one of those things that really elevates a backyard. It's the perfect spot for unwinding at the end of the day or allowing your guests to relax a little after dinner.

This backyard is already beautiful enough, but with the addition of a few comfy but architectural chairs and a fire pit, it becomes an oasis.

This fire pit was built into the exterior of the home, providing a low-maintenance but beautiful spot for relaxing.

Depending on the design and feel of your home, a fire pit can be as formal or as casual as you'd like. Larger built-in options add a sense of grandiosity, while smaller gravel pits give off an inviting but relaxed vibe.

(top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right)

(top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right)

One of the things we take for granted in Florida is that most of us have some type of outdoor space we can use year-round. Why not take a few extra steps to make it a place you'd love to spend some time?

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Sunday, July 20 2014

Size, seating height, all those appliance and storage options ... here's how to clear up the kitchen island confusion

Houzz Editorial Staff
The kitchen is one of the most complicated spaces to design in a house — and figuring out how to design an island can be confusing for homeowners. Houzz's discussion boards are full of users asking for help on how to decide on a kitchen island size.

While there's no set formula for figuring out how to size an island, some measurement guidelines can help. Kitchen designers Thomas Ahmann and Steve Justrich offer good advice for planning your kitchen island, starting with asking yourself six basic questions.
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Tuesday, July 01 2014

Powerful powder rooms 

It’s hard to take a look at Pinterest or Houzz these days without coming away with dozens of new ideas for a stylish powder room. Have you noticed? Tiny bathrooms covered in wallpaper or chic tile designs seem to be everywhere.

This bathroom from a Harlem apartment, for example, has both:

The bathroom below, in design couple Kate and Andy Spade's home, features a simple but visually interesting vertical striped wallpaper. The end result is a mix of feminine and masculine details that come together for a clean, traditional look.Steven Sclaroff | Kate and Andy Spade

This powder room by Lilly Bunn packs more of a punch with a royal blue splatter paint wallpaper and contrasting red details:splatter

The same apartment in the Upper East Side of New York features another small bathroom for the couple's daughters that feels large and bright with the addition of cheery blue and green wallpaper and a simple white tile:


Much of what you'll find on Pinterest or Houzz is fairly feminine, but here and there a stylish powder room will pop up that's not overtly girly.

This black tiled beauty is sleek and modern and full of style:

black tile

The chevron wood flooring adds another dimension of cool, while a vintage mirror over the sink keeps the space from looking too modern.

Here's another bathroom that features black tile. These owners clearly aren't minimalists, adding a red patterned wallpaper and ornate gold frames and mirrors. A similar but less busy look could be achieved by painting the top walls a solid color and adding a frame-less mirror. 

Overall, the black tile feels unexpected and a nice change of pace from the white subway tiles that have been popping up everywhere:

Not to say all white tile is boring -- quite the opposite. The dark grout in this bathroom in House and Home is a great contrast and gives the space a modern but calm vibe:

And if in doubt, or too nervous to make a change quite yet, stick to the basics with white paint and decorative details like a houseplant or Turkish towel. Simple but beautiful.

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Monday, April 21 2014

A relative who is working on plans for a new beach house in New Smyrna was recently describing to me what he wanted the kitchen to look like. The kitchen table, he said, would have seating “like they do at Taco Bell.”

It was a funny moment, but once he began describing it, I knew he was talking about a banquette.

This type of seating is popular for several reasons. Banquettes provide ample seating while acting as a cozy vignette in the kitchen, typically a room with mostly hard angles. A banquette calls to mind the idea of sitting down with the family for a Sunday supper or an early morning breakfast before the rush of a weekday.

Banquette seating also works with round, square or rectangular tables, so you could add a built-in banquette while still retaining your existing dining table and surrounding chairs.

At Michael J. Fox's home (below), a banquette in the kitchen is complemented by a teak dining table and Knoll Saarinen chairs. The space is elegant, but casual enough to be inviting.

Some banquettes can even be build with secret storage underneath, which would be great in a kitchen without much cabinet space. These little nooks would be perfect for kitchen appliances that are used infrequently, like a bread maker or slow cooker.

So if the idea of a banquette is still reminding you of this:

Have a little imagination and start thinking of ways to make this functional seating situation something that could just as well translate to your kitchen -- while looking great at the same time. A banquette is the perfect little spot for a cup of coffee or a dinner to catch up with family and friends.

Jessica Lipscomb for Walter Price Design Build

(images: 1234567 and 8)

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Sunday, March 16 2014

If you live in a two-story house, chances are the staircase is one of the first things you see when you walk into your home. Often overlooked, stairways are a great place to make a small but fun impact. It doesn't take a ton of work to add a runner, wallpaper the risers or paint the balusters, but it can make a huge statement in your room.

These tiled stairways that Justina Blakeney posted on Instagram recently caught my eye. Finishing your stairs this way would add such a punch to an otherwise neutral room, but it's not too kooky for comfort.

Another option is to add a runner:

The leopard print runner on the left continues the maximalist theme up to the second floor, while the patchwork runner in the middle adds a bit of interest to a black and white room. Theleopard stairs on the right have a more neutral effect than those in the first photo, but still make a statement.

Domino magazine also posted this runner made from cut-up cowhides recently on its Instagram page, which gives the room a casual but sophisticated vibe:

Another trend is painting the balusters or risers in ombre colors, gradually getting lighter or darker as you walk up the stairs:

It's not a look for those who identify as color-shy, but it looks bright and cheery, especially against a white wall. (images herehere and here)

Finally, if you're building a new home or in the middle of a renovation, you can add some funky stairs that will add some architectural detail to your home. 

This wooden staircase doesn't take up a lot of visual space and would warm up a modern house while staying true to the style of the home.

This glass staircase is equally modern. Although cleaning it might be a pain, it's a bold look for a secondary staircase that doesn't get the heavy traffic of the main stairwell. 

Again, if practicality isn't a concern, these stairs almost serve as an art installation. This staircase commands attention, and the space underneath would be perfect for a set of chairs or a long sofa.

Which ideas do you like best for your home? The stairway isn't a spot that you'd think would make a lot of difference, but as Charles Eames once said, "The details are not the details. They make the design."

Jessica Lipscomb for Walter Price Design Build

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Friday, February 14 2014

There’s a saying that if you’re lucky enough to live in Florida, you’re lucky enough. This is the time of year when we’re reminded how nice it can be to live down here in the Sunshine State. It’s the kind of weather that’s not so cold that you can’t sit outside, but not so warm that the mosquitoes will be joining you.

 Which brings us to the sunroom, also appropriately called a Florida room. In the middle of a February afternoon, there’s no better place.

Historic Blue Porch

With a painted blue ceiling that mimics the sky, this sunroom featured in Southern Living is the perfect spot to curl up with a glass of iced tea and a good book. The curtains can be pulled back to provide shade in the summer and swept open to let the sun in during winter months. A chaise lounge is the ideal place to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.


nautical decorating ideas

A sectional sofa in this sunroom provides ample seating for entertaining or relaxing with family. Keeping the small window allows sunlight to float inside to the main living room, despite the later addition of the Florida room.

The best part about sunrooms is they can be as fancy or as casual as you'd like. Some families use them as a sunnier formal sitting area, while others bring in comfortable seating in bright colors to give it a more relaxed vibe.

Riverton sun room, Salt Lake City. Upland Development.



Florida room
Sunroom with a swing! Outdoor living spacesunroom ideas  

 Sunrooms make a great addition to the home, since they’re a versatile space that can be used for anything from lounging to entertaining. Stick a daybed back there, and it’s the perfect spot for a cat nap. Push the furniture against the wall, dig a folding table and a tablecloth from the closet, and it’s a change of pace for a Sunday dinner. A sunroom can handle it all. And in Florida, we're lucky enough to use it year-round.

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Monday, December 16 2013

While it's too late for this year, the holidays are a great time to start thinking about your guest accommodations. Chances are, you'll be visiting family during the holiday season or housing visitors of your own. For those lucky enough to have a little extra room in their backyards, adding a guest cottage or garage apartment can be a good way to keep your guests comfortable while giving them (and you!) some space. And when you don't have company, you could consider using the space as an office or renting it out seasonally.

This garage apartment at a Louisiana cottage features a Murphy bed that folds up when not in use. The area expands into a dining room area perfect for meeting up for cocktails or appetizers before or after a get-together. 

This garage apartment in Texas has all the conveniences of a full-sized home -- bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining -- packed into a 700 square foot space. The space would be perfect for a visiting family or larger group.

If you're feeling particularly ambitious, an addition of a guest cottage behind your home is a lovely way to add more space for visitors. This little cottage would be a perfect fit for a Florida home.

(via Lonny)

The bedroom in these cottages open right to the backyard, making for a lovely view.

For those without the space or budget for a full-blown addition of a guest house or garage apartment, a few adjustments or renovations can make an ordinary guest room into something special. This bedroom featured in Lonny looks like it was transformed from an attic space into a comfortable place for weekend guests.

The breezy doors and large shutters added to this guest room double as a second entrance for guests who keep different hours than their hosts.

And in this guest room, the owners had built-in bunk beds installed above two double beds, creating an ideal space for a visiting family. 

Guest rooms and guest houses are a great place to try something different in your home. They can act as a test space for new designs or color palettes before you pull the trigger in the rest of your home, giving you the chance to experiment and see how it works. If you're on the fence about making a change to the major rooms of your house, consider doing something a little different with your guest room first.

Jessica Lipscomb for Walter Price Design Build

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Tuesday, October 22 2013

Tile floors are popular for a lot reasons. They're easy to clean. They're durable. And, especially in Florida, they keep things cool.


Unfortunately, a lot of the tile that comes standard in Florida homes isn't all that attractive. You'll see a lot of rooms that look like these:



But tile doesn't have to be ugly. This home featured in Elle Decor shows tile can be a beautiful and functional alternative to wood floors or carpet.


The tile in the living room adds the visual interest and color of an area rug. Picking a pattern like this might seem like a commitment, but picture how different this room would look with navy walls or a stark white. A quick change of accessories could give the tile a whole different vibe.



The bold chevron pattern in the kitchen and hallway adds a cheery touch.



In the family room/office, the patterned tile makes white furniture pop. The homeowners went with a purple and turquoise pattern, but for those that are color shy, a black and white pattern would be just as pretty but a little more neutral.



Continuing the trend in the bathroom, these hexagonal tiles mimic wainscoting along the walls, making the bathroom seem bigger than it is.





The bedrooms are arguably the best part of the whole home. The tiles provide the look of a patterned carpet while being more durable in the long run. Because it's nice to get out of bed to something soft, the homeowners added a fluffy sheepskin rug so the cold tile isn't such a harsh adjustment in the morning.

You can check out the whole Elle Decor article here. While wood floors and carpet remain popular, tile can add a lot of punch to your home, making it easier to decorate your space.



Jessica Lipscomb for Walter Price Design Build

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Tuesday, October 01 2013

I don't know about your entryway, but the space can end up a dumping ground for mail, jackets, shoes and dog leashes. Unfortunately, it's the first thing someone sees when they come into your home. Entryways can be an afterthought, especially if yours isn't technically its own room. But there are easy changes that can make your entry beautiful.

Start with the door. This chevron wood beauty adds a relaxed California vibe before you even set foot inside. Wouldn't you love to come home to this every day?





Or just add a coat of paint.







Moving inside, why not add a bold wallpaper? 



(Via Style At Home)




Painting the trim black and adding moulding and millwork lends an air of sophistication.






Or maybe you have room for a little area where you can sit and put your shoes on before rushing out the door.





Don't overlook your entryway area when making changes to your home. It's an easy place to make an impact. Think of it as making a good first impression on visitors to your home, whether it's family, friends, your mailman or the occasional Girl Scout selling cookies. Plus, it'll make you smile every time you come and go.


Jessica Lipscomb for Walter Price Design Build

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Tuesday, May 07 2013
 Get ready for a wild ride…….making more choices designing your kitchen project.

kitchen remodeling orlando fl

When we left off, we were sitting in the kitchen with our cup of coffee.   We were taking a look at the present space and imagining what changes we would like to make. The key to a stress free whole home remodeling, or any project, is to make as many decisions and selections as you can early into the process. 

 I suggested you keep a folder (on a website, your computer, or pages torn from magazines).  The websites Pinterest and Houzz have great tools that let you keep ideas in an organized format.   Today take a long look at each picture you saved.  Circle or notate what it is about the picture that you absolutely love.  It could be the floor in one picture or just a pendant light.  I find that I may not like the whole room but really love one feature in the room.

kitchen remodeling orlando fl

 As you look at each picture, a style preference may begin to reveal itself.  The style of the kitchen (in this scenario) may coincide with the age or era of the home.  In remodeling, an outdated kitchen can be transformed yet compliment the prevalent features on the home and home furnishings. 

Preferences and style are most noticeable in the cabinetry, the light fixtures, and in some cases the flooring materials.  Because these items have the largest impact on a kitchen remodel, these are the next choices that have to be pinned down.  So let’s consider the flooring next.  The cabinetry will complement the flooring choice so keep that thought while you look at the flooring choices. Easy enough? 

Kitchens are the heart of the home.  Questions have to be answered. The kitchen floor must tolerate tremendous foot traffic, spills, dropped silverware and dishes.  The floor must also be easy to maintain, easy on your feet and legs, not prone to stains and water resistant. Is the space open to other rooms in the house and what flooring is there or is it being replaced?   You may not want to change the floor you have, in that case you must work with what you have.

The options are hardwood, ceramic tile, natural stone, cork laminate, vinyl, linoleum, slate, and concrete. There are pros and cons to each floor covering and for each option there are considerations as to budget and the condition of your subfloor and personal preference.

I have created a Flooring Choices board on our Pinterest page with great links to various flooring gurus.  Just go to  for some great information.    Get ready for some hard choices……..cabinetry is next.

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